Be Happy with What You Have

6 Ways to Stop Being Negative all the Time

Thinking negatively is second nature to many; unfortunately for them. The vast majority of us do it unconsciously. Those who don’t think that by preparing themselves for the worst, they will keep it from happening or at least be equipped to handle it.


If you’re among them, you are wrong on both counts. The only thing you’re achieving by thinking negatively is experiencing the emotion worst-case scenarios evoke. By thinking something bad is going to happen, you’re living as if it already has. We have lived through what we fear the most. Here are 6 failsafe ways to halt negative thinking in its tracks.

Believe in Positivity

Repeat to yourself, “I am strong.” When you wake up, say something positive, even if you don’t believe it or you’re feeling like hell. Having a positive affirmation as the beginning of your day will set you up for success. Good things happen when people think positively and bad ones happen when they think negatively. Turning the tables on our natural inclination to worry is no easy feat, but the effort will pay itself off in spades.


Staying positive isn’t a walk in the park. Keep reading to learn the secret.


A number of studies have shown people who worked out reported more positive emotions than those who exercised less often or not at all. Generally, more movement leads to more happiness. Buoyant moods were connected to 10 minutes a day of physical exercise in another study.

What’s the reason for this? Exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. It doesn’t matter whether you run a few miles or take a 10-minute stroll around the neighborhood. The difference is only in the amount released. If you’re feeling down and you get yourself to be active, you’ll feel much better afterward, even if the activity was just for 15 minutes.


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Move On

Those who’re prone to negative thinking tend to dwell on incidences or events that upset them. Everybody has been upset over something at least once. Positive thinkers will try to find a solution or move on. Since negative thinkers know they can’t change a situation, why do they keep dwelling on it? It’s because of negative thinking again: “I’m not going to try to make things better because they might get even worse.”

Positive affirmations can help you move on. Say to yourself, “I am in control” and “I can let go of small things.” There is always a silver lining to be found, criticism to be replaced with compliments and, if all else fails, the hope that tomorrow will bring something better. Eventually, it will be possible to begin seeing the glass as half-full.

Why is it so hard to see the silver lining of challenges? Read on to find out.

Remind Yourself of the Good Things

There’s always something to be grateful for, even little things that you wouldn’t ordinarily notice, like the beautiful dog or cat you saw in your driveway or the pretty flowers growing outside. A wise man once said, “Be happy with the little that you have. There are people with nothing that still manage to smile.” Say “thank you” for the fresh foods you can eat and the small favors some people do for you, like letting you into their lane or holding the door for you as you approach it, your hands full.

There is more to being grateful than acknowledging acts of kindness. It makes both you and other people feel happier. It is a win-win situation if there ever was one. Saying “thank you” can even help transform an acquaintance into a friend.

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Change Your Perspective

There may be a challenge in every gift, but it works the other way around as well. Look for ways to reframe less than ideal experiences into opportunities. Why is finding the good in challenges so notoriously difficult? And why is it so easy to lapse into depression and despair? How can we stay positive in the throes of a predicament?

Being criticized for your negativity by others can compromise your social standing a great deal unless your circle is full of negative people. If that’s the case, get as far away from them as you can! They are keeping you from being and staying positive. You need to stay away from bad influences if you want to reap the rewards of positivity. Since you can choose whom you spend your time with (unless you’re quarantined, which is temporary), consider your options wisely.

Be Open to new Things

Your self-esteem can only benefit from openness to experience as long as you choose the new things you want to try wisely. New experiences are fulfilling and make life more fun, be they big or small. By embracing them, you’re giving yourself the chance to learn and grow.

Take up a new hobby that positive people in your circle enjoy. Take online courses or start studying a new language. Try something new you think you’ll like to meet like-minded people. Mutual interests have been the basis of many great friendships.

Final Thoughts

Negative thoughts make people unhappy. It definitely takes practice to cut negativity out of your life, but it will be more purposeful and fulfilling if you manage to change your perspective. If you adopt even one of these 6 ways to stop being negative, it will bring about a dramatic change in your well-being. Negative thinking may protect you from the risk of any effort made to change a bad situation, but it does lots of damage in the way of an unsatisfying existence.