Believe Good Things Are On The Way

5 Reasons to Stay Positive After a Breakup

It’s never easy to break up, particularly when it was with someone you were deeply involved with. In the days and weeks following the breakup, it can seem like there is no hope for healing. You’re told you’ll eventually move on, but it doesn’t feel like you can. Despite all the struggles, this experience can yield something positive. Here are 5 reasons that will strengthen your resolve to never look back.

You Will Attract the Right Person


Before they finally make the decision to break up, people have spent some time hanging on out of fear of leaving their comfort zone. It’s like they say, ‘”Better the evil you know.” You’re in a bad situation, but when you think about leaving it, you start getting anxious about finding yourself in an even worse one, which is being alone.

We attract different types of person depending on where we are in our lives. This explains rebounding after ending a serious relationship. Relationships thrive when people grow and adapt to change. They never stay the same. They don’t work out when one person isn’t happy because the other changed and grew. Now that this relationship is over, know you will attract a more understanding and suitable person.

You Will Embrace Freedom


Instead of going off the deep end after a painful breakup, embrace the freedom to do everything you want. There has been no better time to learn a new skill, study a new language, or go to a special place. You are free to do anything when you are on your own. You can embrace new opportunities. Use this to your benefit and let yourself be inspired to go above and beyond your limits.

You Will be More Open to New Things

Sometimes, two people will break up and one of them will get busy improving themselves, becoming fitter, wealthier, and more successful. The other will wallow in despair and regret losing this valuable partner. Don’t be the second person. Be open to the possibility of unexpected success and view the separation as a chance to break free from someone who was not supportive enough. Use it as a way to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

The emotion following a breakup can fuel the desire to prove to your ex just how misled they were about you. Use the relationship to remind yourself of what you’re not looking for and be open to new things. Still, be aware there is a fine line between obsession and motivation and don’t let things spiral out of control.

More Alone Time Will Help You Grow


“I’m all alone, and finally, I’m getting stronger.” Many breakup songs have that line. Having more time to reflect on your needs and wants is a big benefit of breaking up. Rough times offer an opportunity to grow as long as you’re able to see it.

It’s hard to think about self-growth at first because we’re dealing with a series of painful emotions that inevitably accompany a breakup. When we’re alone, we rediscover our ability to navigate life masterfully. Being self-reliant is invaluable in our daily routine and in our professional lives. It is not a lost skill. It can be regained.

It Has Made You Stronger

You become much stronger after a difficult breakup as you realize that what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle actually was not a big deal. This new attitude to life can help you find the courage to stand up to someone you’ve been avoiding, change your job, or otherwise take a leap of faith. There is life after the breakup, but enduring the pain of it is the only way to understand this. A healthy relationship is based on an understanding, supportive, and emotional connection. We need people who will love us AND give us space when we need it, and that’s the tricky bit.

Now that you’re stronger, you won’t hesitate to end a relationship that’s unsatisfying to you. You will only be with the person you deserve and who deserves you. You won’t settle for less. You will stay true to your path and embark on an exciting journey, be it with someone or alone.

Life After a Breakup

The best thing about breaking up with a person who wasn’t right for you is being spared an even worse experience in the future. You two broke up for a reason. It is better to have realized you’re not right together now, before making an even greater commitment to one another, like getting married or getting a mortgage loan together. It is indescribably harder to break up when people are legally bound or otherwise share responsibilities and obligations.