5 Reasons Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

We all have that one blunt friend with no verbal filter. The friend you have to try to explain to new people before you introduce them so that they’re for-warned and prepared. In reality, your blunt friend is actually a gem – because these friendships tend to last forever.

1. Your Blunt Friend Will Always Have Your Back


Your blunt friend is more likely to back you up, support you, and stick to their promises than friends who tend to be sugary and sweet. That’s because people with a direct approach to relationships and life, tend to reveal more of their inner agenda, thoughts, and feelings than most people do, so you’re more likely to see them following through with their promises.

Along with that, it’s pretty useful to have someone around who will verbalize your thoughts and advocate on your behalf if you haven’t quite mastered the art of positive confrontation. Blunt people jump at the opportunity to defend others, you could call it their superpower!

2. There is No Hidden Agenda


Isn’t it wonderful when you always know exactly where you stand with someone? No one wants a friend who actively distances themselves with no explanation. Blunt friends are the best – they are far more willing to have a confrontation when they’re angry, resolve it, forgive and move on.

Those who avoid conflict will harbor resentment for years and you may never even know what came between you. Your unfiltered bestie is also upfront about expectations, you’ll know exactly what they like, dislike, and expect from you as a friend, which makes it easier for you to nurture the relationship.

3. Blunt Friends Motivate You in Surprising Ways

blunt people best friends

Constructive criticism can be tough to accept. Often, the old saying that ‘the truth hurts’ is true. However, hearing the truth can change your life in tremendously positive ways. Most people find it difficult to be straightforward with their friends about what needs improving. But your blunt friend doesn’t.


Instead, get ready to receive real advice about how you can improve yourself by addressing your shortcomings. As much as it may sting, it’s coming from a place of love and a genuine desire to see you succeed.

4. They May Offend But They Are Always Ready to Apologize

According to one study, your friend who says it like it is, including profanities, is more honest. Whether it’s you or someone else, your blunt friend is also more likely to suck up their pride and give a heartfelt apology when they make a mistake. That’s because blunt people are comfortable with revealing their inner feelings and extend the same criticism and objective review for others, onto themselves.

Sometimes, your blunt friend may not necessarily think what they said was incorrect or wrong, but seeing the pain it caused you will provide an opportunity for reflection, and admitting that perhaps there was a better way to handle the situation. It’s all about communication, so don’t mask your feelings. Let your blunt friend know when you feel offended.

5. You Know Without A Doubt That Your Blunt Friend Wants to Be Your Friend

If you’ve ever wished you could be accepted exactly as you are, know that your most straightforward friendships, which often contain the most criticisms, are probably your most accepting. You can rely on someone who is straightforward to give you an open and honest friendship. If they didn’t like you, they would have said so.

In addition, your blunt friend is more likely to listen and respect what you have to say, even if you both have contradicting opinions about a topic. Basically, your blunt friend gives you license to be yourself in whatever way you wish to express that.  

Cherish Your Friendship

Sometimes called opinionated, blunt people tend to have fewer friendships, but they nurture a deeper connection. If you value authenticity, cherish that someone who can speak openly and express their feelings with no hidden motives or agendas. You may not always see eye-to-eye, but that’s part of the charm, you’re both able to come exactly as you are, with no pretense. 

There’s just something special in these friendships, they’re frank and straightforward with little room for misunderstandings, which gives the perfect setting for both of you to flourish and grow as the relationship improves with the passing years.