5 Ways to Deal with Issues Out of Your Control

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Many of us refuse to accept our lack of control over the things that happen to us, and that’s only understandable. Most people rationalize lack of control in one of two ways: they either become control freaks or worriers. Worriers constantly fret over everything, from deadly viruses to natural disasters. They feel worrying enough will somehow prevent bad things from happening. Control freaks believe if they “stay on top” of every situation, they will be safe from the whims of fate.


Unfortunately, both of these ways of thinking are wrong. These people still can’t control what happens to them and they waste time and energy to boot, creating even more stress. Do you recognize yourself here? Don’t worry – our 5 most effective ways to deal with issues that are beyond your control will help you.

Don’t Expect the Worst

Are you predicting a worst-case scenario, a disaster, a catastrophy? Never are worst-case scenarios worse than in our minds. We’ve already lived through our worse fears because when we imagine them, it’s like they are actually happening, and this causes incredible stress.


Ultimately, nothing terrible has happened and probably won’t. While you should definitely prepare for the worst, it is not likely to happen. And what if it does despite everything? You are more resilient than you think. You can handle it. Believe it and channel your energy into a more productive direction.

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