5 Ways to Deal with Issues Out of Your Control

Determine What You Can Control

You can’t stop a loved one from getting ill, force a partner to change, or prevent a flood from occurring. What you can always control is your attitude and your effort. You’ll be more effective when you put your energy into something you can control. Identify your fears and focus on the influence you’re capable of exerting. You can’t force your son to get good grades, but you can give him the help and resources he needs to be able to try his hardest.

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You must control your behavior to have the most influence. Stay positive and do your best. When you are worried about someone else’s behavior or attitude, voice your opinion, but just once. If a person doesn’t want to be “fixed”, they can’t be.

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Manage the Stress


The right stress management techniques and strategies ensure peak performance and good health. You need these protective strategies especially when encountering tough times. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and doing fun things in your free time are all important if you want to take good care of yourself.

Make time to relieve stress in a constructive way. Whether you want to see your friends more often or spend more time doing Pilates or hiking, make time for that. Don’t use your hectic job as an excuse. As you search for positive ways of coping with stress, watch for unhealthy ones like playing video games for hours and hours, binge watching Netflix, whining, and overeating. These will only make more problems for you in the future.

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