7 Reasons to Challenge Your Mental Limits

All limitations are self-imposed.

They say the most forbidding limitations are those we impose on ourselves. They are not the ones our parents, employers, or even law enforcement imposes on us. When we are intrinsically motivated to impede our own progress, as in the case of mental limits, that is a far greater deterrent than any external force can impose. Here are 7 convincing reasons to challenge your limits and find the path that will lead you to greatness.

Mental Limits are Driven by Fear


It is fear and nothing but fear that builds the foundation of limits. It is also fear that fortifies them because the more afraid we are of attempting something, the less likely we are to do so. We get trapped in a vicious cycle. Fear can be healthy and protective, but it can also be deterring, keeping you from achieving your goals and leading a more satisfying life.

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When is it one and not the other? It’s a judgment call. If you have qualms about doing something that’s clearly very risky or downright dangerous, fear is healthy. On the other hand, if there is a nagging voice in your head telling you that you’re not going to succeed in something and there’s no point in trying, it’s likely irrational fear. You’d better shut the voice down.


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