7 Reasons to Challenge Your Mental Limits

It Will Broaden Your Horizons

Mental limits are prohibitive. They narrow your breathing room down to the point of suffocation. Challenging them will help you see new opportunity, a way to do things differently and better. Most importantly, it will give you hope. When we are driven down by limitations, we begin to lose hope. This is a slow, but certainly a sure process. We fail to see a way out of a problematic situation because of the limitations we’ve imposed on ourselves.


When you do away with them, you’ll see a practically endless number of opportunities. There will be so many options to choose from no matter what your problems are: you didn’t get a promotion, you’re having relationship or family problems, or you’re struggling financially. Especially at times of crisis, eliminating mental limitations can be nothing short of enlightening.

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It Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


Nothing hampers creativity more than mental limitations. History was made by people who challenged the mores of the time. They found new, creative, and better ways of doing things. They improved people’s lives in many ways. Inventing the light bulb and granting civil rights are just two examples.

It’s important to recognize tradition or convention is not the limit in itself. It becomes a deterrent only when it creates a limitation in your mind. We are social animals with all the pluses and minuses that brings, but there is one very big relevant minus here. We take the tenets of society and amplify them in our minds. They become cages holding us back. The moment that cage is set and takes hold is the moment we stop growing and thriving.

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