7 Reasons to Challenge Your Mental Limits

You’ll Learn to Accept – and Embrace – Failure

Failure is inevitable for anyone with a passion in life, but I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. When you fail, you have two choices: get depressed and stop trying or move forward by learning from failure. That’s hardly consoling, you’d think. What is the point of learning: I failed, didn’t I? You know what’s worse than failing once though? Failing again and for the same reason you failed the first time.


People risk burnout when they behave linearly. You’re not learning if you’re not failing. Life presents many challenges and there are lots of ways to be flexible and navigate. Just like with hiking and rock climbing, there are many ways to overcome obstacles. Failing now and then is inevitable, but know this: progress starts at the end of your comfort zone.

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You’ll Get in Touch with True Motivation


To get in touch with your real motivation, there is a set of simple questions you can ask yourself. Granted, they are not a 100% guarantee for actual motivation, but they can help discover its source. The first of these is how you find meaning in life. Even people who say and truly believe there is no meaning in life find meaning to keep living. Ask yourself what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled.

This will give you a general trajectory, in which to keep moving. Some people compare this process to that of using the GPS in your car. The route is the action and it is not always a straight line. There will be discomfort along the way, but you’re denying yourself inevitable success by protecting yourself from rejection.

Our final reason: The most important one to challenge your mental limits