7 Reasons to Challenge Your Mental Limits

Celebrate Success and Build Confidence

By challenging your limits, you start setting small, achievable goals and making an action plan. This should move you toward the accomplishment you seek. It’s important to celebrate each success, no matter how small. If you expect a huge achievement immediately, you’re likely to be disappointed, which will only serve to fortify the mental limits and erode your confidence.


To keep this from happening, reward yourself and recognize your accomplishments. You may have given an amazing presentation or learned a new skill. No matter what it is, celebrate what you’ve done to overcome your self-imposed limitations. It’s critical to take pride in small wins because you’ll have new hopes and dreams even when you get to the finish line. You’ll find it never feels enough. The more confident you become, the bigger and more numerous your successes will be.

You Will Never Have to Live with Regret

As promised, our most important reason to challenge mental limits. The way life works is the more we take, the less we have left. This doesn’t refer only to lifespans. If we take little in the way of opportunity and chances, we have even less left to take as time passes. Ultimately, we regret the things we didn’t dare do, not those we did and failed at or were disappointed by.


Our brains are programmed to keep us safe and they will keep trying to do that as long as we are living, breathing, and in good health. Once we come to expect and accept a bit of discomfort in taking risks, the fear subsides.