7 Reasons to Challenge Your Physical Limits

To find your mental limits

Pushing your physical limits won’t just build up your physical strength – it will expand your strength of character as well. We’re not talking about just confidence and discipline either. Pushing yourself as hard as possible will reveal to you the emotional and mental strength you truly have and will quickly transform you as a person.


All this sounds good but isn’t it too much trouble? Or can it actually be fun?

For fun!

Last but not least – training as hard as possible is actually a lot of fun. Yes, most of us view it as something tedious, tiresome, and overall unpleasant, but that’s all a matter of perspective.


In truth, regular exercises have been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins in our bodies (5), making it a great way to combat anxiety and depression. But even more than that, the very act of pushing your physical limits and watching your strength and capabilities grow day by day is a hugely satisfying experience. Every new entry in your fitness log is a new personal achievement you can be proud of – and that’s way more fun than spending yet another afternoon on the couch!