6 Reasons to not Give up on Your Childhood Dream

Everything you can imagine is real

Most people give up on their childhood dreams, which is quite sad. This can happen early or later in life. A parent tells their child whatever they dream of cannot be attained. Sometimes it happens when you’re older: you get tired of trying. Instead of persevering, you decide to give up. The day of a “dream deferred” is the saddest day in a life.


It doesn’t have to be deferred. Of all the reasons to not give up on your childhood dreams, we’ve chosen the 6 most convincing ones. Read on and be convinced yourself.

It’s Less Painful to Fail Than Wonder What “Could Have Been”

At first, it may seem like not attempting something is safer than trying and failing at it. You’re protecting yourself from the pain of failure. However the pain of regret is not something to be underestimated. It eats away at you and gets stronger with time. Ultimately, it inflicts far greater damage than the pain of failing at something.


How do you guarantee being spared the pain of regret? By giving your dream a shot, whatever it is. Try to make your dream come true. Sit down and make a plan with small steps. This will point your efforts in the right direction. You will create a path toward your goals, little by little.

You can Overcome Your Fear

Big dreams that are truly worth their weight are scary. That’s completely normal. Fear is a basic emotion and when used constructively, it can be healthy. It’s a sign that you’re getting to work. Yes, you might fail, but if dreams were so easy to achieve, nobody would have any trouble doing it.

Something that seems even worse to us than failure is not being happy after the dream is achieved. This happens to people and there’s a very simple reason why: a dream is an ideal and ideals often don’t reflect reality. We fail to take every aspect of the situation into account. For example, you’ve always dreamt of your own home, but you didn’t reckon with upkeep costs or with mortgage payments (if you got a loan, like many people do). Stay informed, do research, and keep chasing your dream.

All We Have is the Present


You have this moment and you have it now. To paraphrase the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, neither the future nor the past belongs to us. All we have is now. The time you have today is fleeting. A lot of us have ideas about what we’re going to achieve “someday”, but that day might never come. We’re not getting any younger. We can’t expect to always be in perfect health or that we’ll be alive in two decades for that matter.

It’s wrong to call a dream a dream. What you should be calling it is a “plan”. Since you only have the present, stop putting the dream off and start living and breathing it. Nothing is holding you back but your own (perhaps unrealistic) expectations. Be proactive and get to work because when you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get anywhere.

You can do More Than You Think

What do all people who give up on their dreams have in common? The tendency to underestimate themselves. Setting easily achievable goals serves to protect us, but our childhood dreams are rarely among these. It is much more difficult to try to fulfill a big dream. When you set high standards for yourself and take your capabilities seriously, you’ll be surprised by what you can do.

When you focus on your dreams, you’ll find a series of events helping you realize them, as if by magic. In reality, it’s your own efforts. What we want as kids, we almost always want as adults because our character is built from an early age. According to psychologists, the ego is formed around the age of 4! This means our personality is formed by then and we’re clear on our wants and needs. Granted, these undergo some changes with time, but the main idea is never altered.

For the Love of the Chase

Chasing a dream is a positive and valuable experience in itself. The pursuit of happiness is recorded in the US constitution. Happiness includes love, life lessons, skills, and friendships. Whatever happiness means to you, you need to try to reach it. Life is what happens as we work toward a goal. Wonderful things can happen along the way and chasing dreams is what keeps us alive.

We can meet the love of our life as we work toward the degree we’ve always wanted to earn. We might meet a mentor or dear friend in our quest to travel the world. When you’re not chasing a dream, you are effectively living in the past and thinking in the past tense. You remember pursuing past dreams, ponder bad experiences, or spend time reliving memories. We don’t look forward unless we’re preparing for a challenge or an adventure.

Success is Right Around the Bend

You have no idea how close you might be. If you dreamt of doing a certain job as a child, maybe that job is an interview or a phone call away. We quit too soon. While you can’t see what the future holds, you can keep working towards your goal.

The successes along the way aren’t to be underestimated. You’ll have plenty of them if you dream big enough. You can celebrate and revel in each and every achievement, no matter how small. They are little stepping stones along the way. These small victories will propel you through to the next goal and your dream will come true very soon.

The Power of Dreams: Living is More Than Surviving

A life without dreams is mere survival, and we need something to give our life meaning. Big or small, your dream is your dream. Passion keeps it alive. It doesn’t matter what your childhood dream was: being a famous musician or actor, being happily married to a great person, or having lots of children. The only thing your dream needs is to be specific. You can’t dream about being “happy” – it’s easier to become a nuclear physicist than it is to become happy. Whatever it is, your dream is why you enjoy life. It will fulfill you. Never give up on it.