13 Things Strong Women Do Differently

Cultural expectations, gender norms, and the differences in the ways boys and girls are raised and treated play a key role in how women see themselves. We are under excessive pressure to act in certain ways – to always be polite, to stay silent, and to accommodate others, often at our own expense, not to mention the pressure related to physical appearance that we face.

How Do Women Become Strong Mentally?


Against the backdrop of these expectations, it would be an understatement to say that becoming mentally resilient is a daunting task.

Women who are self-assured are aware of the pressures other people can exert on them and develop an understanding of the ways, in which unrealistic expectations cause unhealthy habits, like downplaying success and making unfavorable social comparisons.


So what’s the answer to the question? They do some things differently. This article is about 13 of these.

1. They’re Masters at Tough Love  

Mental strength begins with “tough love”, both of yourself and others. Mentally strong women may have high expectations, but they have appreciation for the good things in their life as well. They work to eradicate bad habits and foster positive ones. They never “shrink” to please other people.


2. They Don’t Downplay Success

Being proud of your achievements is not the same as being arrogant. Mentally strong women are ready to acknowledge the efforts they put in to achieve their goals. At the same time, they don’t put all of their efforts into one single goal.

They turn equal attention to work and things like proper nutrition, making efforts to change unhealthy habits, and nurturing important relationships. They surround themselves with positive things and engage in activities that make them feel happy and satisfied with life. 

3. They Don’t Confuse Strengths and Weaknesses

Expressing kindness and being vulnerable are often seen as signs of weakness. However,mentally strong womenrealize expressing emotion can make them better people. They are aware that strength is not easily recognizable.

They don’t insist on perfection. They understand that in the process of becoming stronger, it’s all right to sometimes feel weak.

4. Mentally Strong Women Manage their Time Well

The expression “time is money” has never been more valid than it is today. Resilient women don’t get caught up in drama, waste time on social media, or hang out at bars and clubs every night. They act on their ideas and don’t hesitate to go out and make money.  

5. They Don’t Ruminate

The tendency of overthinking can stop people from taking positive action to better themselves. Mentally strong women work to solve problems, but don’t fall in the trap of thinking too much. They learn to act without letting self-doubt stop them from pushing ahead in life.

6. Mentally Strong Women Don’t Avoid Challenges

The dilemmas life can throw at you! Confident women know facing your fears is key to overcoming any challenge. To build self-confidence, they challenge themselves to grow stronger little by little, day by day. They don’t allow gender norms and rules to make them feel bad and stifle their development and growth.

7. They Don’t Put Other People Down

They know putting others down will only keep them on top until someone comes along and puts them down. One key to success is being able to help others. That’s when you and the people around you can appreciate success more.

8. Strong Women Stay on Top of their Cash

When it comes to bad habits, overspending and letting others control your finances are the worst offenders. Mentally strong women do everything in their power to manage money wisely. They don’t give in to financial pressures or buy things they don’t need. They invest extra money in their dreams and it always pays off.

9. They Don’t Stay Silent

More often than not, they will stand up to people who are out of line. While tending to stay silent doesn’t make you a weak person, you’ll find it drains your mental strength with time. It doesn’t help build character.

10. They Care about Themselves

Self-care is among the less obvious keys to prosperity. Strong women know unhealthy habits can sink them. A woman who doesn’t take time out for herself cannot get from Point A to Point B. She cannot build and grow. A resilient female cares about her health and their emotions.

11. They Embrace Change

It’s important to learn from mistakes, pursue dreams, and engage in personal growth. This can mean a complete career change or an unapologetic shift in beliefs and values – at any age.

12. No Excuses

No matter the circumstances,mentally strong womenwill rise to the occasion. They have the confidence to achieve what they want and are firm believers in the expression “mind over matter”.

13. No Self-Blame

Strong women might blame their actions when something doesn’t go as planned, but they never blame themselves. They might acknowledge they made a bad decision or choice, but they will never attribute the event to their character.

How Can I Be a Stronger Person?

While becoming more resilient can’t be forced, one can be inspired to build strength by example. Actively seeking out and surrounding yourself with resilient women will help you. This is the ripple effect of mental strength.

When you feel positive about who you are, you can help other women feel good as well. The people around you will be inspired to make an effort to become stronger and better as human beings.

At the end of the day, building “mental muscle” is what counts. This is something everyone has the ability to do and get better at. To become your best self, work smarter, not harder. Eliminate bad habits that are keeping you from moving forward and realizing your maximum potential.

We’ll end with some of our favorite “being a strong woman” quotes to inspire you.

“I suppose the cult of the strong female character on TV has probably been misinterpreted in so many different ways, meaning that a woman can’t be emotionally complicated or want things or can’t be weak in moments” – author, Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This strong woman quote illustrates the influence representation of women in the media has over our self-perception.

“I come from a strong woman who believed – and my father believed – that anything a man could do, a woman could do better” – author, Kimberly Guilfoyle

This quote is in honor of all men who support the women in their lives in their quest for mental strength.

“When you are a strong woman, you will attract trouble. When a man feels threatened, there is always trouble” – author, Barbara Taylor Bradford

And, this one is for all those that don’t.

“Sometimes I wake up and think I look horrible. And sometimes I see a strong woman” – author, Irina Shayk

Of all strong women quotes, this is our favorite:

“There can be no strength without weakness, and no weakness without strength.”