Just Because Someone Carries Their Load Well, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Struggling

We all know at least one person who’s like this. They are always collected, always seem to have it together. We can’t help but be amazed at how resilient they are. They are like a rock that supports us. They are always calm and look like they’re on top of things. And we often can’t help but wonder what their secret is.


Consider yourself lucky if you have someone like this in your life. However, appearances can be deceiving. Being able to carry a load well does not make it light.

In reality, there is not one individual on Earth that isn’t carrying any emotional baggage. That’s exactly why we need to learn how to be more compassionate and kind to one another. Instead of comparing each other’s progress, we should support and root for each other’s success.


If there was no pain and suffering in life, we wouldn’t learn anything. Moments of despair and hopelessness teach us critical lessons. 

When does a heavy burden become unbearable? 

It’s hard to say. It really is a fine line between coping with hardships resiliently and breaking down from the pressure. And it’s not always easy to tell when someone has crossed that line. Sometimes, we don’t realize we ourselves have crossed it.  

Even the happiest looking person carries a bit of sadness in the depths of their soul. This is especially true for prideful people who let their ego get in the way of asking for help. Imagine how much more difficult it is to overcome life’s challenges without any support.


Ultimately, everyone carries their burdens in their own unique ways. Your pain could be perceived as insignificant to one person yet be pertinent to someone else and vice versa. No matter how it is perceived or experienced, we all have to go through it to grow and become better versions of ourselves.

You choose whether to perceive yourself as the master of your destiny or as a pawn in the hands of fate. No matter your choice, life will confront you with difficult challenges. You decide how to react and handle the consequences.

In every event, it’s easier when you’re part of a social support network. You can lean on strong people, but remember that they have problems of their own. The fact that they don’t talk about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They may be fighting the same fight as you, only in a different way.